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Mensaje por Vencini el Dom 15 Oct 2017, 11:51 pm

CMFI Rome to Víctory, Módulo para el CMRT y CM Shock Force 2 (motor 4) en fase alpha

Nada espectacular, pero si estáis aburridos y os apetece leer el HILO en el foro oficial de Battlefront, hablan sobre los proyectos en camino.

Esto no lo pillo. No sé si es una broma o en serio...

New Zealand Defense Forces training aid - pretty much that's all there is to say about it Very Happy And no, this will not be released for sale to the public.  Sorry, but that's just the way it works sometimes

A destacar en el hilo :

Lots of questions, but I'll try to give a few short answers:

1.  Dragon is not part of Rome to Victory, but as mentioned it should be easy to simulate the battles with the new forces

2.  Yes, Waffen SS and rag-tag forces will be available for the Red Thunder Module

3.  Game engine development is always separate from any one specific title's development.  Yes, there will be patches for the current suite of Engine 4 games, though I don't know when.  The unintended consequence of the reactive bombardment TacAI feature of Engine 4 is definitely top on our list

4.  New game features, such as persistent map damage, is something for an Upgrade.  Though this particular feature has been previously shelved for various reasons

5.  CMSF2 will not be expanded in its initial release.  We're leaving open the possibility of adding content later.  However, we also have no plans to do so

6.  CMBS jumped ahead of others with its own Battle Pack, but is owed a Module.  We've been doing them in order of release and that means CMBS is theoretically next after CMRT.  Marines are an obvious selection for the first Module and the work being done for CMSF2 is going to pave the way for that to happen




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