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Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding gives room to different kinds of investors to come together through a platform most especially through social media to pool their funds and then invest in real estate they can not finance by themselves. 강남빌딩매매, this realtor is the best real estate agent in South Korea. This kind of investment is not costly.


  • Real estate crowdfunding is one of the kinds of real estate investment that is capable of transforming your investment portfolio without the need of investing a ridiculous amount of money.
  • Real estate crowdfunding is capable of offering you unique opportunities that you might not be able to gain access to without the help of other online investors. And information for rent in Seoul
  • In this kind of investment, you only put in a little effort because all the processes are usually done online. Meanwhile, other real estate investments will want you to take your time to manage and maintain your property. 


  • The investors in this kind of investment tend to be charged based on the dividends they receive.
  • Some of the investing platforms in this kind of investment will require you to meet a certain level of income before you will be allowed to participate. This became irrational to investors that invest in crowdfunding because there is a low financial bar for entry.
  • The platform where these investors meet tends to charge them some fees for using their service.
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Characteristics of real estate

Real estate is commonly known as real property which is land and those improvements on it. The improvements include buildings, roads, structures, and septic systems. The characteristics of real estate are divided into two categories and they include: economic and physical characteristics.

  1. Economic Characteristics

Land as a real estate has some different economic characteristics such as scarcity, location, improvements, and performance of investment that help to influence its value as an investment.

  • Scarcity. The land has a fixed total supply and this makes it not to be scarce.
  • Location. The factors such as convenience, history, and reputation make people have a choice and taste on a particular land.
  • Improvements. This is when a building is erected on the land with the aim of affecting its value. Improvements are when any changes like fences, sewer systems, sidewalks are made to the land. The improvements made to the land are capable of increasing its value by generating more income. 
  • Performance of investment. Although, buildings on the land can be razed but the improvements such as electricity, water, sewer systems cannot be economically removed. 

     B.  Physical characteristics of real estate

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Land as a real estate property is differentiated from other assets because of these three physical characteristics that include immobility, uniqueness, and indestructibility.

  • Immobility. Even though some parts of the land are removable but the geographical location of the land will always be stable and can never change. Land as a real estate property cannot be move from one place to another.
  • Uniqueness. Every piece of land is different geographically even if they share the same similarities.
  • Indestructibility. The land is always and will forever be permanent or durable.